• Looking to purchase an iPhone XR real quick and I do not trust anything on eBay to a point idk how people still thrive on there. But swappa seems promising due to sellers needing to get approved but I'm still skeptical.
    Anyone of you bought there?

  • Been using eBay for 8 years and never got scammed

    Buyer always wins anyway

    Why are you scared of eBay?

  • i've bought and sold on swappa and its fine but same rules apply with ebay. stick to sellers with feedback

  • Idk the last time I heard of someone getting scammed off ebay

    if you mean like receiving a replica version of a product, that only happens with seedy ass dudes, which you could likely find on swappa

  • Aug 5

    scams happen on ebay but rarely and its easy to get a refund

  • swappa is legit. bought an iphone from there years back

  • Makima 💜
    Aug 5

    Yeah swappa cool bought an X off there

  • FB marketplace is the goat because people severely under value their tech

  • got ripped off by swappa and never returned. be careful

  • I've bought all my phone's for the last 5 years off Swappa.

    Got a HTC One M7

    One M8

    HTC 10

    6s Plus

    OnePlus 6.
    OnePlus 6 is my current phone and it's great. Battery life wasnt too degraded, screen has some scratches but you can only see them in the light with the screen off, hardly a con.

    I'm thinking of getting a OnePlus 7 Pro on there for the low

  • I used to use Swappa exclusively for that shit. It's nothing special per se but they're definitely legit and smooth

  • I prefer buying stuff from reddit like /r/appleswap

    I’ve only had great experiences with swappa btw. It’s just cheaper on reddit

  • I've bought all my phone's off swappa except for my s20. Highly recommend it.

  • got a 2014 mbp from em, works great
    prob plan on getting an 11 from there too

  • Tried buying an iPhone X off swappa once, but got scammed, never went back

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