• Watching random YouTube clips of Olympic s*** rn, getting hyped for Tokyo this year

  • Nah

  • Retro


    Here’s your quote

    Pretend I posted your avi

  • Smoofer

    Here’s your quote

    Pretend I posted your avi

    I left a like on your post keep grinding bro

  • Dont care about the Olympics besides basketball tbh, and Trae got robbed of his spot, so im not going to watch in protest

  • Corona gonna cancel this

  • Yep. The boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, swimming, gymnastics, everything really.

    People need to expand and really watch it. These are the actual best athletes in the world competing at the highest level possible.

  • For the boxing.

    Keyshawn Davis the American at 63kg is in a crazy field with Andy Cruz (Cuba), Hovhannes Bachkov (Russia), and Sofiane Oumiha (France). He's already fought Cruz three times. Lost all 3 but arguably won the first. Third was close. He beat Oumiha who beat Cruz. He's younger than the others. He has the best shot at capturing gold for the first time since Andre Ward in 2004.

    Heavyweights have Jalolov and Hrgovic which is a crazy fight when both are already competing at the pro level.

    Wrestling wise, always down to see Sadulaev and the other Caucus wrestlers dominate.

  • Forgot them s***s was this year.

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