• I've wasted so much of my life playing games & watching youtube but then again if something makes you happy can it really be considered a waste of time?

  • what he say

  • gaming is just as valid as a form of media as any others

  • Ehh kind of. Low key, it could also apply to other things as well.

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  • It's true in that you could be doing more productive things with your time, but you're still getting enjoyment from it so

    Same would apply to binging a show or watching a movie, etc

  • It’s entertainment for a reason. You can use his argument on various things but it’s sticks more to gaming based on the stigma already on it.

  • It's entertainment. The same as watching film.

    I personally don't think it's on the same level as playing sports at all but it's hard not to see the parallels between the potential of gaming as a profession and the potential of getting good as a sport.

    The idea that playing video games is a waste of time is totally bogus, it's 2020

  • Of course, take a game like Persona 5, that's probably around 100 hours to complete. However,people spent hours combined just watching commercials on TV for nothing, they don't even gain no joy from it.

  • Yeah and wasting your time watching his trash videos are even worse

  • I agree in the sense that if it's all you do with your time (and I'm not talking about esports or Twitch) then you're wasting yourself away. But it's a valid form of entertainment at the end of the day, and that doesn't change

  • no

    its entertainment and if its something that makes u happy its not a waste of time

    and besides that most of the gaming ive done was when i was younger when there wasnt much to do besides school.

  • It doesnt make you money so its bad!

  • 50/50

    I love gaming but it is incredibly addictive in a way that watching good films or reading a book isn’t. At a certain point, not with all games but a lot, you’re basically just in a feedback loop where you’re not really learning anything new. That’s okay a lot of the time, you don’t always need to be pressuring yourself to learn new skills etc, but I do believe gaming can turn into wasted time much easier than other forms of art and entertainment.

  • Anything can be a waste of time

  • everything is a waste of time

  • I've personally felt this way for a while now. My opinion is that I don't really see any benefit from it. There's a lot of better ways I could spend time that would improve me as a person like working out, reading or playing the piano.

    People make the comparisons with movies/reading etc but we don't realize how much time we spend playing games. I'm about to have 150 hours on Persona 5 - the time I spent on one video game, I could have watched about 50 different movies or read dozens of books. We get disappointed if we hear an upcoming open world game only takes 30 hours to complete, we WANT to spend 50 hours or more on a single video game

    And knowing about movies/books is more beneficial, not many people want to talk about RDR2 or TLOU but many will want to discuss how they felt watching Infinity War for the first time. I don't even remember the plot to most video games I played last gen and I spent hundreds of hours playing Skyrim, AC, GTA 4 etc. Even the ones I do remember, its not like I've been thinking about Mass Effect's amazing story telling or Bioshock Infinite's twist at all in the last few years

    Again, this is just my opinion. Gaming requires too much time with very little real life benefits. My love for the hobby will never completely die and I'll still be getting a PS5 years down the line but I completely get what Joe is saying

  • The argument can pretty much apply to all forms of entertainment including podcasts.

  • His podcast is a bigger waste of time

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    The argument can pretty much apply to all forms of entertainment including podcasts.

    oh please, there’s a ton of educational value in podcasts

    a lot of video games have become dopamine circuses where developers’ only goal is to keep you playing as long as possible

  • There's a huge difference between enjoying something and being addicted to it

  • Video games are as much of a waste of time as posting on a Kanye West forum

  • only if you play something dumb like minecraft 24/7

  • wikig

    everything is a waste of time

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    His podcast is a bigger waste of time

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