• Just had this dumbass convo last night

    Apparently Apple will be releasing their AR glasses in either 2021 or 2022. That timeline makes sense, since they've been increasingly shilling for AR in recent years

    I don't know about y'all, but this is where I draw the line as far as technology

    I already don't like how invasive these tech companies are becoming, especially with this IoT/wearable s***. I never understood the hype behind AirPods vs regular headphones, or what's the reason for the Apple Watch to exist, but I can tolerate them. But I s2g if n****s let this augmented reality s*** take over I'm done

    First of all, there is nothing you can do with AR glasses that you can't do with your phone

    Second of all, there's so many potential drawbacks for this s***, from privacy, to wearing a screen on your head which most likely will need some type of battery and therefore will get hot but people will ignore that cause it's apple and the new cool thing

    Third, what is it even for? The best thing I can think of is being like a HUD that brings up notifications from your phone and puts information over objects in real life. Yippee

    Fourth, if AR gets big, you'll basically be handing over whatever's left of your life to Facebook and google

    And all it would take is for apple to make it a "luxury" item, and these stupid ass celebrities to start wearing them and n****s will eat it up

    I'm saying this now, even if AR was the next biggest thing, even if everybody in the world was doing it, it's still dumb as hell bruh

  • im all for AR, VR, AI f*** it. anything to get us closer to BR 2049

  • You bring up some great points.
    Here's a great article about the design of products which follow similar points as you.

    I think if apple were to make glasses, it would have to replace the problems of the phone, not merely be an alternative to the phone.

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