• Aug 6
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    Oceanside Guy

    My life's a documentary word to The Game. I'm not the doctor's advocate, I was born a lame. Take me to LAX so I can see red. I'll probably end up dead I'm not packin the lead. That's why I wear a jesus piece with gold stones in the head. I was born a year after 1992 but I wasn't born to rap.

    Red Rose, white ceiling

  • My life real borin
    So imma scroll on this forum

  • Aug 6

    Red Rose, white ceiling No body, no casket, just blood spillin' I ain't a dead President but I love millions

  • Aug 6
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    Red Rose, white ceiling


  • ManHunter


    Where you been? S***, blood chillin'

  • “Aye how u been man it’s been while?”

    I’m just tryna make ends meat like Doggy Style

  • Aug 6


  • Smokin a fat ol bleezy on my balcony
    When I’m in that kitchen I be mixin like it’s alchemy
    When I’m in that bathroom I’m in ur b**** like meek mill
    5 in the mornin and I gotta brush my teeth still
    Unc at the publix pharmacy for a refill
    I’m actually surprised that he has a teeth still
    I’m actually surprised that i can see still
    Cuz the s*** I seen make u wanna be killed
    Bury all my ugly ass opps six feet
    Beat u a hundred times with six feet
    Back the f*** up gimme like six feet
    I ain’t took a day off in like six weeks