Best biographies?

  • title

  • Can you be a little more specific lol

    Or do you just want good biographies regardless

  • Mulder

    Can you be a little more specific lol

    Or do you just want good biographies regardless

    I wanted to say some more in OP but midway I realized I'm basically describing a biography that's good lol there's nothing new to say

    I'm looking for an amazing story of someone who accomplished something extraordinary or was an extraordinary person

    I'd also like it to be well written. I don't want a Wikipedia page printed as a book.

    I'm not looking for a specific field or topic. That's why I though simply saying "Best biography" says it all

  • David Yaffe - Reckless Daughter

  • Peter Brown - Howard Hughes

  • Ari

    reading right now. s*** is heavy as f***

  • Bushmanate

    Read that one

  • Theodore Roosevelt: A Life by Nathan Miller

    Very interesting guy and he kept a lot of his own personal notes so you get a fairly intimate look at the man

  • Reading this. Man is a real life Bond villain. Club-foot limp and everything

  • Ties Joe Louis' career into America writ large. Especially black America. A way wider scope than just the man.

  • Ari

    Can't go wrong with this one. Also the Gucci Mane one is interesting

  • I dunno if this is the best but s*** was really entertaining

  • For all my d*** addicts

  • Jun 28

  • proper

    Always been tempted to check dis out since the Chappelle special. Now you've reminded me I might see where I can buy

  • Marchisio

    Fire read.

  • dumb

    Fire read.

    Easily the coolest athlete of all time lol

  • tyreek

    Can agree with this

  • James Joyce by Richard Ellmann

    Shelley: The Pursuit by Richard Holmes

    I prefer memoirs though

  • Alfred Hitchcock: A Life In Darkness and Light
    Michael Jordan: The Life

    Be My Guest by Conrad Hilton - a very underrated and quick read by the founder of the Hilton hotel chain. My grandpa put me onto this book. He had an incredible life, and one of my favorite quotes I've always lived by "We are a success in the art of living"

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