• I’ve read Hills White Like Elephants and loved it, so I wanna get more into his work. Where should I start? Want to see what this crazy man was all about.

  • The Old Man And The Sea a nice light read, and For Whom The Bell Tolls his best work probably

  • bell, or sun also rises. I feel like old man and the sea you would appreciate more after reading his other stuff but thats just my two cents

  • a moveable feast is pretty good and kinda has a more casual to feel it

    but still has dark undertones that keeps you just an engaged as all his other works

  • Nov 18

    The short story about the mf on a safari

  • His 6 word story.

  • Nov 19

    none he too dry

  • a moveable feast is so great.. not sure if it's a good starting point

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