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    Hello. It’s another form of writing and formatting I get to work on and it exposes me to someone else’s world which isn’t too easy to do with covid right now. Depending how it goes I’ll just start with 3. It’s all about finding inspiration and challenging yourself. And If others seem to enjoy it, maybe I’ll continue with more.

    I’ll write down the users of the first page of ppl (20-25) to agree and choose at random. Serious inquires only pls.

    Good luck and thank you

    Edit: in order to get this
    Since there’s so many people I’ll randomize again and instead of me having a few questions I’ll try to pick a few groups for a certain topic to see their views on them. And to get by quicker I’ll consider doing them by email.
    Edit: on second thought If I keep the formatting the same, it’ll be no problem doing everyone individually. But I’ll try different themes now and then

    So I’ll take the selected names for the selected topic and see if the people will be ok with said topic to discuss. But I’ll keep a few personal questions in to know the person a bit as well. Sounds cool?

    Pg. 3 for the first interview • Tadow

  • in

  • You’re the feds

  • Please interview me

  • Tadow 🥀
    Jan 12

    Tentatively in

  • rvi 🧜‍♀️
    Jan 12


  • Jan 12

    Yes. Would you like to do it podcast jre style or inside the actors studio style

  • RASIE 🦦
    Jan 12


  • yes

  • Hmm. Sounds interesting. Is "(20-25)" the age range or how many people your interviewing? If it's not age range then I'm in.

  • nah not yet

  • Yessir

  • TITOLAND 🧑🏾‍🚀
    Jan 12

    Yes I'll interview

  • yeah i was interviewed a month or two ago it was pretty fun

  • go ahead

  • 36inseam 💁🏽‍♂️
    Jan 12


  • Sure Cookies!

  • yes

  • I'll do it, no charge

  • Jan 12

    M-my weakness ??

  • Jan 12

  • Jan 12

    Yeah bruh I got you, I enjoy conversation so I’d be down

  • Yes

  • about what?

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