• Nov 27, 2021

    (I have put in God's Country/Donda/Spirits Over The Horizon altogether as the released name was Donda)


    1. Ty Dolla $ign x Ye

    a. Ego Death (feat. Ye, Skrillex, FKA Twigs)

    Song was first made in the Yandhi era and was previewed by Ty in Jan 2019. Leaked in Feb 2020 and later released on 1st July 2020.

    b. Track 6 (feat. Ye, Thundercat, Anderson .Paak)

    It was released on October 23, 2020 and was the 6th track on the album 'Featuring Ty Dolla Sign'.

    Song was initially recorded after KSG released and originally was a track with Ye x Cudi called Thank You (Vol. 2)

    2. Francis & The Lights x Ye

    a. You Still Take Me To The Light (feat. Ye, Chance The Rapper,Bon Iver, Caroline Shaw)

    Released on Sep 18, 2020 and is a remix of 'Take Me To The Light' that released in August 2019. This version includes a Chance The Rapper verse and vocals from Caroline Shaw.

    Metta World Peace was yet another verson of TMTTL he released in July 2021 ( featuring Bon Iver and Lil D***y. Lil D***y talks about being a robosexual in this song. This version has drums by Kanye.

    3. 2 Chainz x Ye

    a. Feel A Way (feat. Ye, Brent Faiyaz)

    Track 6 from 2 Chainz's album 'So Help Me God!' which released on Nov 13, 2020. According to 2 Chainz, song was originally called 'Wavy' and had a way more controversial and longer Kanye part.

    4. Saint JHN x Ye

    a. Pray 4 Me

    Track 7 from Saint JHN's album 'While The World Was Burning'.
    Song was originally produced by Kanye and Rick Rubin according to Saint JHN (

    " On "Pray 4 Me" on my collection, on While The World Was Burning, it was a completely different beat than he and Rick Rubin did. And I completely changed it. That's not the direction I wanted for my project."

    The original version of the track was Intro track to Donda 2020, on a copy of the album possessed by leakers, while it wasn't on the album at all on other copies.

    b. Smack DVD

    Track 8 from Saint JHN's album 'While The World Was Burning' and was released as a single on 27th November, 2020. Also has punch-ins from most likely Dem Jointz who has done similar punch-ins on other Kanye songs.

    'Man, you talk about Kim K, you know you effin' up '
    'Smack DVD, if we extinct , then what are we?'
    'Gotta cease with the murders , gotta pull up with the fleet'
    'Okay, Ye, this is me , what they gonna say to me ?'

    5. Playboi Carti x Ye

    a. Go2DaMoon

    Track 2 from Whole Lotta Red on Christmas 2020. Was first previewed on Insta a few days before album release, at that time, song still had the OG verse from 'In Abundance' then.
    The Ye verse was taken from scrapped version of the Future song 'In Abundance'

    6. Osbe Chill x Ye

    a. Floatin

    Likely released without Ye's permission as Osbe wasn't able to clear it. Originally made in 2015 and was called 'Super Starred'.

    7. Pop Smoke x Ye

    a. Tell The Vision

    Song released on Jul 16, 2021 and essentially started the Donda 2021 rollout. Song was originally a Donda 2020 song that featured 2 Chainz (Conway The Machine did a ref for Kanye).

    Song was also released on Donda with only the Pop Smoke verse, but AI Isolated and had hard pianos. Classic song.

    8. Abstract Mindstate x Ye

    a. The Brenda Song

    Song released on Aug 6, 2021 along with the rest of the Ye produced album 'Dreams Still Inspire'. The beats were made during Love Everyone/Ye era.

  • Nov 27, 2021


    1. Vory x Ye

    a. Daylight

    Confirmed to be on one of upcoming Vory's albums by him.
    Song was originally titled 'Sunrays' and was made for Donda in 2021. It was also played at the Vegas Listening Event for Donda. A version dated few days before the Vegas listening event leaked.

    b. Best F_ Best Friends (?)

    Teased by Vory on his insta on 7th October.

    His whole next project is executive produced by Ye, there are likely going to be even more Ye x Vory Tracks. Supposed to come out Jan 14, 2022.

    2. Skepta x Ye

    a. Peace Of Mind Remix (feat. Teezee, Cudi, Ye)

    Teased by Skepta on 30th August 2021. Likely to be on the deluxe of his EP 'All In' which he teased the same day.

    3. Jhe Rooga x Ye x Offset

    a. GD Anthem Remix

    Teased by Rooga. He had later reaffirmed in October, that he'll make it happen.

    b. Ye feat on Rooga albums

    Rooga's producer said he got Ye on his album. Rooga also said in an interview ( ) that him and Ye talk nearly everyday, so it's likely they have more collabs.

    4. Fivio x Ye

    Fivio's next album 'Bible' will be exec-produced by Ye. He also confirmed a Ye feat on his album.

    5. KayCyy x Ye

    Ye invited KC to work in his LA studio to work on the album 'Who Is KC'. He finally got a Ye feat on his song on 21st November.
    He confirmed in his live he got a song called 'Malibu' which features Ye.

    6. Quavo x Ye

    Was tweeted out on 28th November 2021, was later edited to : 'Qua and YE' on the Nawf...' but that might be due to them spoiling a potential surprise collab.

  • Nov 27, 2021


    1. Kid Laroi x Ye

    Rumors appeared of Ye feature on Laroi's next.

    Later on, KC who was working with Ye at the time, linked up with Laroi, providing credibility to the rumors.

    2. Future x Ye

    Future and Ye linked up in May 2021 when Ye was working on Spirits Over The Horizon. Some sellers have their songs and feel they might still release in the future on Future's album.

    3. A$AP Rocky x Ye

    Also at the Pio Pico studio/Green Tile Studio Ye worked on in May 2021, also linked up post Donda release in Malibu.

    4. Pusha T x Ye

    Was also at the Green Tile Studio and worked extensively on each iteration of the album. Kanye also is producing half of his next album, it's likely he will feature like he did on Daytona and King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude

    5. KayCyy x Ye

    KC has changed his album massively over the past 2 years. Many of the refs which he made for Kanye were given back to him but it's unlikely they will be on his next. He asked his fans which one out of Hear Our Prayers, Skurrrrrr, God's Test should he add to the album at a point.

    But since he has changed his album lot since then, don't expect it anytime soon.

    6. Lancey x Ye

    Lancey Foux worked massively with Ye, many sellers have their songs but don't believe Lancey would be able to clear them.

    7. Travis x Ye

    Travis worked a lot with Ye for LP10 and Jesus Is King 2. He worked on WUITB, God's Country, Future Sounds, Praise God, Hands On Dremix.
    Lost Forever a song from Utopia was made in Ye x Trav sessions too according to sellers and according to reliable insiders, Utopia is executively produced by Ye so expect more collabs from them.

    8. Post Malone x Ye

    Both were seen together vibing to The Shrine/ An Argument by Fleet Foxes in a studio session. Possibly worked on Post's project, either a feature or production ,or they worked on LP11.

    9. Others on the album

    Kanye works on multiple songs with each artist he works with, it's entirely possible the songs might be given to them for their albums. For example, he has multiple songs with Don Toliver, Baby Keem that might release as feats one day.

    10. People that didn't make the album

    • Dr. Dre and Ye worked on Jesus Is King 2 and GC/Donda, their collab song This Is The Glory which made it to 2021, was removed from the album at the last moment. Might be released by Dre as he's rumored to drop before SuperBowl performance.

    • A$AP Ferg worked with Ye on GC/JIIK/Donda. They have some songs together, we know he was a feat on a version of South Carolina.

    • 2 Chainz worked on a lot of songs for the album, he might be given one of the song.

    • Saint JHN and Ye have lot of material together, they were even making a collab album with Buju Banton.

    11. Lupe Collab (?)

    Most likely Lupe just trolling, posted around 23rd September.


    • It's quite likely the feats in rumored and upcoming section may never come out as it's Kanye.
    • Kanye has apparently made loads of material post-Donda, so these feats might not be 'Donda Era' by the time they come out as Kanye might release or tease a new project soon.
    • Kanye is a producer too, so a lot of the collabs might turn out to be just for production.
  • Nov 27, 2021
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    Forgot about it but Sean Leon x Ye is also in the works.

    Both were in the studio together and Sean posted a pic of a song presumably a collab between them. He's also going to drop his version of UFTA called Glade in the future.

  • Nov 27, 2021


  • Nov 27, 2021

    Also this was made for a songwriter called 'J. Lauryn but it's not likely to ever come out as they won't be able to clear it.

  • Nov 27, 2021
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    What about production credits for other artists? Industry baby and rich neighbor s***, also private island is rumored to be kanye prod

  • Nov 27, 2021
    rhyming rhino

    What about production credits for other artists? Industry baby and rich neighbor s***, also private island is rumored to be kanye prod

    Might make a diff thread about production another day, but Private Island had Ft. Kanye in the whiteboard pic posted.

  • Nov 27, 2021

    Also, Headshots which was said to be on a Donda tracklist by insider Alek and later confirmed by a leaked tracklist.

    Song apparently had no Ye vocals and was same as the Carti leak and was just put randomly on the tracklist as Richie Souf likes that track, Kanye was probably meant to record for it but apparently never did. This song will likely never even release as a feature on Carti's next.

  • Nov 28, 2021

    Added Quavo x Ye

    Was changed to 'on the nawf'' but later reverted to 'on the way'

  • Dec 2, 2021

    Gunna - Private Island leaked. Does not have Ye nor is it produced by Ye , it's produced by Wheezy. Waterfalls said it's possibly one of the beats used in the Future x Kanye collab songs from earlier this year, hence Kanye possibly ended on that whiteboard due to that connection. Kanye was on a whiteboard with that song:

  • Lil D***y talks about being a robosexual in this song

  • Dec 2, 2021

    Vory album with Ye feats soon.

  • Dec 2, 2021

    Great thread @op

  • Dec 7, 2021

    Daylight is now possibly a Ye x Vory x Kaash Paige song.
    A snippet emerged of Kaash Paige on the song which was recorded yesterday.

    UPDATE: Allegedly not gonna drop anymore.

  • Dec 14, 2021

    Forgot about it but Sean Leon x Ye is also in the works.

    Both were in the studio together and Sean posted a pic of a song presumably a collab between them. He's also going to drop his version of UFTA called Glade in the future.

    Not scrapped (yet)

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