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    For quick reference - the company is Ezricare Artificial Tears - if you have family & friends who might use this or know someone who does. Awareness is important 😎

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    A rare d***-resistant bacteria strain found in recalled eyedrops has been linked to dozens of infections and resulted in eight reports of vision loss, four reports of surgical removal of eyeballs, and one death, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a news release.

    The agency on Feb. 1 issued a recall of Global Pharma Healthcare's Artificial Tears Lubricant Eye Drops.

    EzriCare Artificial Tears, a preservative-free, over-the-counter product packaged in multidose bottles, was the brand most commonly reported brand among 10 reportedly used by patients, the agency said, noting that some patients used multiple brands.

    The CDC said it has identified 68 patients in 16 states who have had been infected with P. aeruginosa.

    Symptoms of the infection include eye pain or discomfort, yellow, green or clear discharge from the eye, redness of the eye or eyelid, blurry vision, light sensitivity and felling something on one’s eye.

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    Imagine a green discharge from your eyes

  • I literally have to live on eyedrops perscribed n store wtf

  • Thank god i dont use a generic

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    love seeing this right after putting mine in

  • Just checked the linked n my brands + state isnt on the list

  • Danny

    Imagine a green discharge from your eyes

    id have a chat with it

    🕵️‍♂️: halt don’t step into the bottle!
    🦠: 😳 my family needs a place to stay
    🕵️‍♂️: i know your scummy family strain ,ponderosa! this is not negotiable 😒
    🦠: you don’t even know our name it’s P. aeruginosa
    🕵️‍♂️: i’m not a cdc specialist, simmer down. nothing worse than a strain that is technical! die slow in home made sanitizer 😡

  • nerdy

    love seeing this right after putting mine in

    i’ll put the brand name in the title so i don’t give other people a cardiac 😎