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    Discuss and share all your favourite moments from Family Guy Episodes and talk about the new ones as their air

  • Sep 12


  • What the deuce?

  • American Dad better

  • Top 5 jokes in the show lowkey

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    Sep 12

    Mods sticky

  • The first 3 seasons are peak adult humor animated shows

    I have such amazing memories of that time between when it got canceled a second time and it coming back where I would be obsessed with watching them on DVD over and over and over again.

    I was like 11-12 years old…

    South Park is the most consistent out of every show in this category but man I would take the first 3 seasons of Family Guy and only the first 3 seasons over Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, King Of The Hill, American Dad, Rick and Morty and all them MFs combined and it wouldn’t come close to the love I have for those first 3 seasons

  • Sep 12

    Episodes before they changed the art style & went HD hit so much better

  • Finally

  • Niggas tried to rewrite history and say Family Guy was never funny

  • the episode with the old opera singer and Brian is one of the best animated episodes ever, such a bittersweet episode

  • peak comedy during my childhood

  • Used to be so GOAT. Early seasons are absolute classics

  • did u know seth macfarlane was supposed to be on the first plane that crashed into the towers on 9/11?

  • This show proves the dumb americans stereotype

  • Nailed it

  • Sep 12

    great funny show

  • Been running through this on Disney over the last few months. I'm at season 15 now.

  • First like 5 or 6 seasons are literally peak comedy

  • I feel like I've already rewatched Family Guy from YouTube shorts

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    @op Peter is funy

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    FLIZZY 999

    @op Peter is funy

    poor megatron