• Jan 6

    Im tempted to do one in order to learn how to optimise my nutrition, etc.

    But the privacy concerns look so hideous that Im always thrown off going through with it. I cant wrap my head around forking out my DNA to a large corporation.

    Imagine your DNA being used against you when taking out health insurance in the future.

    Is it worth it?

  • n

  • dont you do bloodwork for that type of stuff?

  • worldpeace

    dont you do bloodwork for that type of stuff?

    Yes you can, but it shows you more basic information.

    But for example when you do genetics testing you can find out whether you have the CYP1A2 gene, which means you metabolise caffeine slowly compared to other people. There's more than this.

    You plug the raw data into certain websites like Promethease, Foundmyfitness etc and get detailed information

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