• safe
    May 6

    Need need need need

  • This the real. Need it back

  • man they bout to go in with this new season huh?

  • May 21

  • just finished season 2

    King Kendall Killer Roy

    What a show

  • bout to finish my second rewatch need s3 mannnnn

  • ziggy

  • S02E05.... man

    dinner table scene is so immaculate and well written

  • Watching this show I would feel lowkey dumb cus I wouldn’t understand a lot of the s*** they would be saying. Then I realized it’s a lot of British slang/terms written in

  • Boar on the f***ing floor.

  • Jun 9

    amazing show

  • Jun 9
    2 replies

    When season 3 dropping

  • An attack child.

  • Mesaih

    When season 3 dropping

    last quarter of this year, so October most likely

  • Greatest Show of The Rona Century! Sticky this show mods

  • they been filming S3 since mid-November so I feel like they gotta be wrapping up here within the next month or so.

  • Mesaih

    When season 3 dropping

    Whenever you want fam

  • I really hope the crew shows some love to the production side. some bts for the fans as well as commentary.

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