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    Take all the expectations you have and it exceeds it s*** is lifechanging. I've had it for about a month now

    There is no other flagship out currently with SD 855/855+, UFS 3.0 storage, precise and strong haptic vibrator, in display fingerprint sensor thats the fastest in the game, loud dual speakers, VoLTE/VoWIFI and full compatibility with USA lte carrier bands, Bluetooth 5.0 with AptX-HD, 1440p 6.67" perfect color/contrasy accuracy bright as hell 90hz AMOLED infinity curved display with no bezels or notch, quick-activating pop-up camera with face unlock and automatic fall protection, really good stock OnePlus live wallpapers, usb-c, dual SIM, triple camera setup with 4k 60fps video, android 10, NFC, built in screen recorder, Dolby Atmos, 30W Warp Charging 0-50% in 20 minutes, a Gaming mode that launches automatically and actually does useful s***, a 3-stop alert slider that includes vibrate and full silent ring modes, case included in the box, factory applied good quality screen protector, tested waterproofness, 5g if you get the carrier-locked versions, and generous RAM/storage options that started at $669 and can be found today for under $500 easily....

    Yea i know it's a quality device

    I was tempted to try a Pixel, so im a year and a half in with a Pixel 3, I love it so far


    I had a Xiaomi before and shit was great, it had a lot of features so OnePlus is that but on steroids in terms of performance

    Pixel doesn't even have built-in screen recorder.

    I'm cool with what it is rn cause I bought it off a nice discount and like i said, wanted to try Pixels to see what's the deal

    I haven't tried a iPhone yet so im trying to get on that too to see if I'm for it, I'm keeping an eye on OnePlus tho cause the devices are solid as shit and if it's not for me I'll buy for pops i guess to see its performance

    Edit: at the time I wanted a powerful but compact device so late 2018 i copped for 550$, great deal if u ask me cause phone was going for 899$

  • I think you should try an iPhone. Specifically the iPhone iphone.

  • BigBoy

    aint there a 400 dollar iphone dropping soon?

    Yeah essentially the SE successor, but it rumored to have the dated design with big bezel shit

  • I just recently copped the XS Max off Amazon for like 650.
    This bitch’s battery is a godsend.
    The screen looks immaculate.
    It doesn’t lag or glitch at all.
    And the face unlock is fast as hell.
    The only problem I’m running into is with the YouTube app because of the new update but that’ll be fixed with iOS 14
    I’d recommend this phone to anybody.

  • If you are integrated fully into the Apple ecosystem and don’t see yourself fully going into the android/pc ecosystem then stay with Apple tbh

    With that said, battery life on my iPhone 11 Pro is amazing

  • baella

    Replying to this using my SE

    Goat phone

    Real. Small phones >>

  • Feb 29


  • Crine why are you getting the first version of a generation for iPhone? I always wait for the year after the initial new phone to get the S because it’s always so much better and Apple gets to improve on the shit they didn’t do too well on the first one.

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