• Gonna listen later today

  • Heard the intro and knew this an album i rly gotta listen to in full

  • Digital Garden

    Top Picks for you is one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve heard in a minute

  • Bye storm really good

  • I been
    I been talking to 'em kindly

  • On first listen I genuinely think my ears can't even comprehend this rn ngl this is up there with Quiet Farwell and others among the most blown away I've been by a hip hop release since Yeezus. Feels like 2030 music, also to me has some callbacks to 2000s experimental hip hop.

    Honestly can't even say how much I enjoy it atm, I'm mostly overwhelmed. Singles also took a couple spins though and now they're among my favorite songs oty easily

  • The shoutout to "Taylor and Skye" in the thx section is a reference to Jockstrap they've rly pulled from all the right sources for this

  • what an insane album

  • Top Picks for You's beat is so haunting.. whole song is bonkers.. very emotional

  • album has been insane so far, on track 6

    intro was nuts

    this is some next level s***

  • Parker really let his inner pretentious white boy out with these samples man. Eno, The Fall, King Crimson, Black Midi, Shellac, BCNR, etc.

    went absolutely nutty with it

  • the opening riff on SS San Fran sounds like something ud hear on a nirvana album.

  • Mitch 🤩
    Booker T

    They had an interview with Fantano where they addressed his passing

    Whatd they say, i saw it but didnt really catch anythinf

  • Stunning piece of work.

  • really bumping with this

  • Outside might be the opener of the year. Introvert is up there too though

  • this s*** is f***ing crazy, gonna take a bit for it to sink in

  • 2nd listen incredible this is some really heavy s*** dude

  • Notmyfirsttt

    this s*** is f***ing crazy, gonna take a bit for it to sink in

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  • Saturday

    s*** sold out in 5 minutes smh and my ass was still refreshing their main site

  • man they made a 2h mix on NTS as a companion to the album and this s*** is insanely good, amazing picks, lots of edits and unreleased demos. On first listen about as impressed by this as I am by the album

  • This album has well and truly burrowed its way into my brain. Fragments of ethereal howls and lurching beats have been rebounding in my head all day.

    I don't know where it will end up on my end of year list. But it is certainly what I look for in music these days - unique and uncompromising.

    Well-deserved place in the pantheon of hip-hop albums which set out and succeed in pushing the boundary just that notch further.

  • Damn…

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    And thats a tough pill to swallow, need to put down the botttleee

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