• Updated Oct 1

    Sequel is in the works, but the head writer, another major writer and head art director of the original have (forcibly) left the company, so essentially the sequel will probably only be a sequel in name only (at least in terms of being on par in quality).

    Seems the game’s surprise success and post-release outlook (an Amazon Prime adaptation ) killed the original creators inclination to continue working with the company.

    Money ruins everything once again.

  • Oct 1
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  • Oct 1


    Yeah, I remember hearing about that Amazon adaptation thing and thinking “That is the dumbest s*** I have ever heard, there’s no WAY that the creators back it.”

    Like, there’s no way Amazon isn’t going to dilute the f*** out of it.

    I mean, it’s inherently contradictory to the intent of the game itself anyway on principle, bordering on being meta, and to kick out the original’s creators on top of that is f***ing INSANE.

    It actually makes me wonder if they might get together and make something based on this entire situation, because it sounds like a side story you’d find in Disco Elysium itself.

  • f*** capitalism

  • Actually tragic man wtf