• I was convinced to get insurance on my iPhone last year and it saved my ass on Sunday my phone got rained on which usually isn’t a big deal but with my phone having cracks the water seeped thru and f***ed it up. But i only had to pay 199 and they sent me a brand new phone of the same model and got it to me literally the next day. Plus now i can possibly sell this new phone when i wanna upgrade, sumn i couldn’t do with my old phone. It was only 20 extra bucks a month with Verizon; def worth it

  • with apple its only 10$ a month? they scammin ya

  • nah i just wear a case and cracking is not an issue

    had this phone for a year dropped it on literal concrete

  • what kind of phone do you have? 20$ × 12 months is 240 (more if you've been paying longer). That's almost 500 right there

  • y'all gotta hold on to your phones better

    I dropped my iPhone 6S once and it got one single crack stretching across most of the screen and I literally haven't dropped it since then

    no way in hell am I letting my $1100 iPhone 11 Pro Max drop on the ground, that s*** is like a down payment on a used car. I don't even use one of those heavy duty cases either, just a $20 Spigen Thin Fit, same case I've used for like 5 years (obv different sizes of case, but the same model)

    that being said I don't live on the edge enough to keep it caseless, I'd love to but the case for me is honestly more for keeping fingerprints off the back glass and what not

  • I wish I got apple care, my phone randomly had the notch (only unprotected part of the screen cover) hit my bed post. I swear to God idk how that happened and didn’t hear it whenever it dropped

    Long story short, it costs as much to get a legit screen replacement as it does to get AppleCare. And bootleg repls will f*** up something as far as the face ID wiring, 9 times out of 10

  • Insurance just a crafty way to get you to spend more. With phones the warranty alone should suffice

    Extra measures like having a tempered glass installed and case (for better grip) if you really care about keeping it pristine

  • yea it’s only $10 extra a month for me so of course I copped

    phones still mint tho. apple leather case + tempered glass screen protector gang

  • You know you can cop apple screens for like 40 bucks and they're easy as s*** to work on?

    Also, I've dropped the f*** out of my phone and no breaks

  • Or hear me out here.

    You could just buy a case and a screen protector.

  • Naked phone gang,

    Insurance is a must less i wanna look like a bum

  • Usually the month before I am up for a new phone I find a way to f*** up the one I got

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