• Nayuta ๐Ÿงด
    Jul 7

    Alright fellas let's lock in setting up this basketball dynasty league

    Commish @Gyro I think we all cool with that

    What website?

    Yahoo: I don't think you can do anything during off season far as trades or s***. Could be incorrect tho. Better handling of injured players.

    ESPN: We already use it.

    Sleeper: Good mobile app, but the format is different and kinda gay imo. Instead of your whole team playing throughout the week you select "x number of players" instead of using your full team for that week. Integrated chat and all that.

    Fantrax: I've read is the most customizable and flexible for dynasty, but site design is kinda mid and has a learning curve

    2nd question being what should the league fee be

    Lastly who all wants to partake in this? @Queer @Keepthereceipt @Ye24 @Robinhood @KoGoYos @DonJulio @YASKO

  • Nayuta ๐Ÿงด
    Jul 7
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    maybe yall got experience with the other dynasty platforms for basketball @Unity @vela

  • Unity ๐Ÿ’ฏ
    Jul 8

    maybe yall got experience with the other dynasty platforms for basketball @Unity @vela

    I've played on every platform you named in OP

    Fantrax is by far the best if you have a commish that knows what he's doing and all of the league members know how to use the site. We used it for CFB fantasy this past season and it's wildly customizable but if you're dealing with people who don't know how to navigate it they're going to lose interest quickly. Plus iirc they don't have an app either so it all has to be done through your browser whether that be mobile or desktop, which is a pain in the ass

    Sleeper has by far the worst fantasy basketball format even though the integrated chat is sick and the app is the most aesthetically pleasing. Even their new thing where you pick your starters and then pick their games after they play them is just weird, it's not how fantasy basketball is meant to be played imo