• Fantasy

    LD, uh
    I believe in love, girl, you got my hopes all up
    When I left you, when I met you, I called mom and told her about it
    I got all up on your IG, and was scrollin' down for hours
    I got back to 2015 and you started lookin' young so I stopped (Ooh)
    Post intercourse when you walk by (Ass, ass, ass)
    More buns than a Shop Rite
    They wanna sleep on my crib, let me go and get you a soft t-shirt, here (Soft tee)
    What are our kids gonna be like? (Hmm)
    What is your skin routine like?
    Girl, just roll around bed with me
    I'll flirt with you all cleverly
    I'll lock you down, Pat Beverley
    I'll kiss your breast so tenderly, what's up? (Breast)
    How you so high and cute? (How?)
    I wanna make up a language up with you
    You're already drivin' me crazy, so just

    holy f***

  • So is L.D invited to the cookout?

  • (Breast)

  • Can u believe they took ski off for this???

  • it's a shame because he could lowkey rap his ass off when he first came out
    those drake remixes were decent

  • yall are embarrassing lol his verse is fine and comical

  • yung shitstain


    (Ass, ass, ass)



    He’s an XXL Freshman

  • 423BABY

    "i got all up on your ig, and was scrolling down for hours
    i got back to 2015 and you started looking young so I stopped"

    That bar is facts though even if the verse trash

  • He deserves that just by breathing


    He’s an XXL Freshman

    Oh yeah he s***s ass.

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