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    ✨🌟 "Light" Out Now! ✨🌟

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    Sup KTT. I'm "Missingno." and the music I make like is a blend of video game-like sounds with Hip-Hop/R&B and Pop. My earlier s*** is probably closer to video game soundtrack music than established genres of music.

    Light is my most recent, most hip-hop song. It's kind of a sad / self-disappointment song I wrote after a not-so-good performance imo. Also if you don't like intros then skip to 1:06.

    Check out the Official Website. I got some merch in the works so hopefully that'll be up on the website soon (like within a couple of days).

    Also check out my profiles: IG, Twitter, Spotify, Apple Music

    Videos πŸ“Ή

    Dirty Beach (Official Music Video) 🌞🌴

    Mood (Official Music Video) πŸ™„πŸ€

    Music 🎢🎡

    Dirty Beach EP

    1. Dirty Beach (5:04)
    2. Bubbles (1:28)

    808-Bit Music

    1. Fanfare (3:25)
    2. Crystal Castle (3:45)
    3. Mood (4:55)
    4. Los Shambeles (6:38)
    5. Pixel (Mushroom Town) (4:15)
    6. TX.RR (1:33)
    7. Ohio (8:10)
    8. The End (3:14)
    9. Genesis (7:32)

    The_Screen EP

    1. Retro Age (2:34)
    2. GameBoy (2:51)
    3. Daydreamer's Song (4:57)
    4. D.S. (3:00)
    5. ToyPop (2:52)
    6. Digital World (3:27)

  • Oct 28, 2020

    Just had my 2nd interview ever with Music Crowns

  • Hey, I know most won't see this or pay attention but I'm just gonna keep updating my s*** here cause why not?

    Only gonna bump when I got something new to show y'all.

  • I'm dropping a new song on the 21st called Light. It's lowkey on some sad hip-hop s***. I got a snippet here. Let me know if this is it or not

  • Real s*** bruddah

  • Light is officially out now!

    Here's a preview of the song if you wanna hear a bit before fully listening

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