• I've been using an HP Laptop from 2015 for years. I'm gonna go ahead and finish building my pc this month but I'm not sure exactly what to get.
    So far I got -

    CPU: Ryzen 2700x
    HD: 3TB WD HD
    RAM: 16GB Ripjawz 3200 DDR4
    Mouse: Razer Deathadder Elite
    Monitor: 1080P 144hz Dell sumn or another its pretty good though

    I'm pretty set on
    MB: B450 Gaming Pro Carbon
    Case: P400A Digital

    I'm really just looking for a GPU/SSD. I'm thinking about an RX580 but I don't mind spending a bit more. Any ideas

  • I would get an SSD instead. 512GB SSD > 3TB HDD


    I would get an SSD instead. 512GB SSD > 3TB HDD

    I plan on using both. HD for music/Film storage

  • kingston ssds >

  • Thunderr

    kingston ssds >

    Why this as opposed to Samsung and WD

  • Also ended up going with the B450 Pro Carbon, P400A Digital, RX580, WD 500gb NVME, and a Tecware Phantom 87

  • Mar 26

    Get a used Vega56 or a 5600XT if you want a better GPU

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