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    So you dont think sending your s***tape recoding yourself having s***with your "fiancee" and sending it to random girls ain't weird? That s*** is absolutely getting leaked or end up him getting caught up in a sexual abuse scandal.

    What better part of your "open relationship" than to send video tapes to other girls to attract another mate.

    Also when him and TriHex broke off their friendship because he refused to stop saying the N word?

    Also Destiny, "If that means white redneck militia dudes mowing down dipshit protesters that think they can torch buildings at 10 PM, at this point they have my f***ing blessing. This s*** needs to stop. It needed to stop a long time ago."

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    Thanks for proving my point.

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    He also went to the rally while he was knowingly covid positive.

  • This is a good documentary on how fake he is. It kind of seems sympathetic at times, but the creator is just being completely unbiased and still exposing him as a complete fraud. Definitely highlights how he went from a typical tryhard YouTuber to an alt-right jerk off basically just for clout, so it’s no wonder he rolled as soon as he could.

    It’s hilarious bc at one point, he gets in a fight with one of his fans over his content because the fan thinks he is pandering, and the guy basically calls him a phony. The caller says “let’s see how this works out for you, you cuck” and here Baked is snitching to the feds.

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    Thanks for proving my point.

    like none of the 3 things here are Baked Alaska level of terrible

    and the Kyle quote thing is something that people love taking out of context surrounding his entire thought process around the situation.

    Destiny is a easy person to find unlikeable so this isn’t anything surprising tbh.

  • Racists gotta be the stupidest MFs alive

    Not cus they’re racist...... but the fact they think they’re superior race yet they always dumb as s*** and get caught so easily lmao

  • I remember KTT watching a Georgr Floyd protest livestream in NYC and everybody instantly noticing that the streamer was a fed He was asking people their full name and occupation, wearing a helmet and a having a police scanner, asking police what unit they're from and so much more

  • Baked Alaska was the top streamer for IP2. Al that needs to be said.

  • Baked Alaska garbage

    Destiny pedophile trash

  • Wild how he came up with Pizza Party Ben and Milo etc....I hope they give him football numbers

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