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  • OP
    Jan 13
  • never heard of

  • OP
    Jan 13

    never heard of

    Their first album was fun

  • Jan 13

    @Bourbon_Ben @Soupvillain @Ithaka @idkICantPick @Lightsxo @Teal_ y'all gon peep?

    I’ve only heard Songs of Praise.

    Will definitely

  • who

  • OP
    Jan 13


    Thanks for your contribution to the thread

  • josuke
    Jan 13

    Never heard of them but I’ll check them out OP

  • Goo

    @Bourbon_Ben @Soupvillain @Ithaka @idkICantPick @Lightsxo @Teal_ y'all gon peep?

    didn't even know about this 😅

    might give it a listen later tho

  • hmm

  • lets get it

    one rizla >>>>>>

  • anyone fw fontaines dc

  • singles have been impressive. smart decision by them to take on a sound that’s more reminiscent of their fellow peers who also came up through the Brixton Windmill scene (Black Midi, Black Country New Road, Squid, etc.)

  • Out now


    They fw it more than their debut (just 0.1 more lol)

  • I liked it more than Songs of Praise.

    I obviously like Born In Luton the most cause that’s where I’m from hehe.

    The guitars are just soo much more interesting than their debut from what I remember.

    Going up listen to it again to be totally sure.

  • @Goo can you hear the Talking Heads/Strokes influence.

    It’s so much more... I guess accessible.

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