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    Snew (RIP)

  • for now Imma use this thread to document my experience of rewatching the 04 ALCS

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  • you both can s*** my d***

  • Just finished Game 1, what a wild ass game

    Mike Musina pitches 6.1 Perfect innings

    Schilling lasts 3 innings and gives up 6

    Hideki Matsui with 5 RBI's

    Yankees go up 8-0

    Red Sox rattle off 7 in the 7th and 8th to make it 8-7

    Bernie Will hits a shot over Manny's glove with 2 outs for a 2 run Double to make it 10-7 going into the 9th

    Rivera gets the save with the tying run at the plate

    game 2 prolly tomorrow night

  • Go Sox


  • '04 ALCS is the most legendary playoff series of all time in any sport. don't @ me

  • GetTFoffOBLOCK

    '04 ALCS is the most legendary playoff series of all time in any sport. don't @ me

    Dont think anyone would disagree. Only 3
    -0 come back ever

  • Game 2 in the books, a lot more tame.. the yankees fans really took over this one. Who's your daddy chants galore.

    1-0 game for most of it, red sox have not lead yet !

    biggest moment though was A Rod flying out bases loaded 2 outs in the bottom of the 8th 3-1, Red sox had a chance to tie it with ortiz at the plate and manny at second but to no avail.

    One more brutal loss to go and I'm onto the glorious comeback

  • Just watched game 3

    An absolute massacre, all I can really say.

    Yankees set an LCS Record for most runs scored (at the time)

    How the Red Sox even had enough heart to win one game after this blows my mind

  • Sale 😰

  • Prez

    Sale 😰

    lost season regardless, its better he gets right for when the team is a competitor again

  • Game 4 in the books

    an absolute classic

    Alex Rodriguez absolutely demolishes a ball in 5th to make it 2-0 and the tension in the stadium is deafening

    Obviously Dave Roberts all time steal

    and then Ortiz' walk off

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