• Normally $2000 usd i think but i found them on sale for half price

  • Nov 15

    save your money and get audioengine a5's

  • No wtf

  • Imagine paying 1,000 to hear sound

  • Nov 15
  • Nov 15
    space cadet

    Imagine paying 1,000 to hear sound

    I paid $400 for my Speakers but they're usually $750

    High end monitors can really sound incredible and give you a level clarity that isn't possible on cheaper Drives

    If OP loves music and can afford them I don't see what's wrong with spending so much on Speakers

    Good speakers if they are dusted and cleaned should last years and years there aren't many things you can buy that lasts forever like that

  • Are KRK Rokits stil a good item?

  • Nov 15
    Clippers Pack

    Are KRK Rokits stil a good item?

    yeah those are nice speakers they have a wide range of different ones tho

    Rokits are usually bass heavy and the mids get a lil crushed

    good for Dance & Rap music tho tbh

  • Nov 15

    im thinking of copping a google home max cause why tf not

    spare money

  • Nov 15

    Yeah i cancelled my order i might go with some more affordable ones

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