• Sep 19, 2023
    math fifty

    No misses across their entire discog

    Their worst album is a 7/10

  • Sep 19, 2023
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    That top 50 ny rapper list lost all credibility by not including him

    On God

  • Sep 19, 2023

    Tip being hard on phife/getting flashy, phife succumbing to a junk food addiction, sad tbh

    Its sad but they’re humans, a lot of groups have a lot worse stuff in their documentaries

  • Sep 19, 2023

    midnight marauders

    Top 10 album ever created imo

  • mr get dough

    On God

    The way they put ice spice at 50 because it’s the first name you would see pissed me off too

  • Sep 19, 2023
    Gabagool Mentality

    RIP to the god

  • Sep 19, 2023

    @op finna make me tear up

  • Sep 19, 2023

    !dream A Tribe Called Quest and Vladimir Putin drinking milk surrounded by North Korean soldiers in the style of a hip hop album cover

  • mr get dough

    I feel like Big Boi gets way more props than Phife now too

    I feel like it was like that some years ago and still is to certain crowds but niggas have definitely been running w the big boi is underrated narrative hard for years now

    We need a Phife is underrated narrative, tbh Q Tip is underrated too

    q tip isn't so much underrated as much as he don't be putting out enough projects + takes so goddamn long being a notorious perfectionist.

    Bro has arguably a top 5 rapping voice .

  • The fact yall still mentioning that complex list proves why they did what they did.

  • Ezio 🎰
    Sep 19, 2023
    mr get dough

    I thought you were saying WHO about Phife

    But it was Billboard

    God forbid

  • Sep 24, 2023