• Aug 1

    Over time I've made encounters with a little more than a couple incredible people who I ultimately pushed out of my life due to my own deficiencies. People that had genuine love for me and appreciated who I was and how I made them feel, people that believed and put more faith in me than I ever did. I am a very crippled, flawed and complicated human being, which is something Ive had to come to terms with, and my actions are not always reflective of my pure intentions but rather stem from an inner turmoil I have yet to find a fix to. I was an inclompete person through every friendship and relationship I've ever had and it is no secret that the demise of these bonds is nobodys fault other than mine. I feel remorse and I feel guilt to have hurt people to such an extent that they refuse to have contact with me anymore. I try not to be sorry anymore, I try to shed that and look forward. With that being said I truly apologize to those souls and pray one day their spite towards me fades and the negative impact I have left on them becomes irrelevant, if it hasnt already. I also want to thank those beautiful companions for how much they enlargened my vision, my experiences and my being. All I ever wanted was somebody to love me and when I got that I messed it up because I was lacking in personal maturity, awareness and emotional inteligence and although Im erased out these peoples lives I am grateful, incredibly thankful for their share of their essence, for their belief in me, their care, their love and their sheer presence. I feel I never deserved that in the first place sometimes and perhaps thats why I was so keen on destroying a good thing, over and over again. I thank you all so much and I still love all of you, I miss you all a lot but put an effort into keeping my head up so thats what I will continue to do. The person I am striving to be is not an image I make out for myself if it wasnt for you and if I become complete and content with myself you all played a huge role in it and I appreciate every little encounter and interaction you ever put up with

  • glad you're on a journey to become a better version of yourself. Always be open to healthy love @op
    Sending positive vibes your way

  • Everyday we have a chance to be a better person!! U got this op!!!!!

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