• Updated Jan 20

    And what do you do that is uniquely therapeutic to you?

  • Taking alone time to just be. Like not work or think about what's next,

    Just be.

  • Jan 20

    Doing things that makes me happy :D

  • Personal hygiene and respecting myself
    Taking some time to myself

  • Reading, broadening my knowledge, developing and practicing skills, dressing/looking nice for myself, giving myself "fun time" and most importantly: smoking good weed

  • switching phone off
    taking care of myself/treating self with respect

  • Jan 20


  • To me, self care is anything that promotes your physical and/or mental health; oftentimes taking a little discipline depending on how rigorous the task is. Regardless, it is worth it if health is improved.

    - BRAVE

  • staying in the present, practising your interests, reading, cleaning yourself and your surroundings

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