• Nov 16

    Urban cowboy/Workwear with NY and Japanese influences (in terms of fabrics, patterns and silhouettes, not weeb s***

    Pants and jackets/overshirts

  • Nov 16

    That windproof apparel for the homeless that doubles as a sleeping bag

  • Nov 16

    jean jacket with the sleeves cut

  • jean jacket with the sleeves cut

  • think of like how akeem dressed in coming to america but make it like kinda british also kinda japanese

  • Nov 16

    flat cream laces


  • but nah fr i would make some kinda weird cross between haider ackermann and edi slimanes prime sprinkle in a little the row with a lil more emphesis on practicallity like loro piana type shi

  • Nov 19


  • Pastelle revival