• I'm curious, i feel like i've hit a bit of a dead end with my promo strats and I'm wondering what y'all do.
    I don't want to hear the same old "play shows", "network", "pitch your music to playlists".

    We've all heard that.
    What are some specific actionable steps you can take to get new fans?

    I'll start. I dropped a single with a producer who also produced a single for an underground group i like with a bit of a fanbase already. So i went into the comments on soundcloud, found a couple people, and then DM'd them like, " hey, i saw you liked this track by this band, if you're game, i just dropped a new single with the same producer, would you check it out?" Did this with a couple people, Lot of no-shows, but a couple did respond and did listen, perhaps with a 1:10 ratio of people who i messaged vs people who I could count as a fan.

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