• Share ur nostalgia

  • walking home from school during the winter after i downloaded his entire discog for the first time

  • at my cousins house. watching B.E.T

  • On the the toilet making a deposit

  • Driving to work on a beautiful sunny day. Still remember that drive. I had just become a Stan after Yeezus, and then went back to explore CD and LR for the first time. Couldn’t believe how good they both were.

  • For me it was in the car with my uncle I was 13 at the time my uncle was a big JAY-Z fan & didn’t get why I was so pressed about Kanye he took me to Walmart to get college dropout & I remember hearing we don’t care for the first time otw home & it just felt like a breath of fresh air something new & positive but cool a moment I’ll never forget

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