• High heel shoes make you six feet tall
    Everybody wants you, you can have them all
    But I got what you need

  • Udon‘tgottaaskmeeeeee

  • I will not blame u!

  • She ain't looking for that unconditional
    What the f*** these b****es on?
    They want what I'm sitting on
    They don't want my love
    They just want my potential

  • I, I got a brand new girl
    Call her Rudolph
    She'll probably O.D. before I show her to momma
    All these girls try to tell me she got no love
    But all these girls never ever got her b******

  • Purrp 🌚
    Jun 14


  • Purrp 🌚
    Jun 14

    Top 5 weeknd

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  • Jun 17