• I鈥檓 talking how, why and who created us
    if aliens exist, where they are, and what they鈥檙e like
    truth of a divine power
    what happens when we die
    what actually happened to the dinosaurs
    whatever else you could think of

    answers to questions people have spent billions trying to figure out

    the catch is that this only knowledge for you personally. it won鈥檛 change your life and you won鈥檛 have any proof to show other people

  • If I don鈥檛 have proof and can鈥檛 show people, just give me the money

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    I feel like that knowledge would make anybody go insane

    edit: ESPECIALLY if u can鈥檛 share it or prove it to anyone

  • look into my eyes
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    I feel like that knowledge would make anybody go insane

    edit: ESPECIALLY if u can鈥檛 share it or prove it to anyone

  • 15 million, Pinhead. I don't wanna be depressed depressed.

  • Nbs ill take the infinite knowledge. See what my life is really about

    Cuz a guy like me gon make 15 mil regardless

  • I'll take the knowledge tbh because money will probably seem insignificant once you know the purpose of life

    Unless the purpose of life is making money

  • Just give me the dollars, someone else can figure all dat out idc

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    gimme the knowledge I'm tryna see sumn

  • i need them bags.

  • Actually a good one. Probably going the knowledge tho no lie

  • f*** am I gonna do with infinite knowledge that I can't prove? go on joe rogaine just to talk a bunch of s*** sounding like a tin foil hat just to get a question about psychedelics from joe???? i don't give a f*** who or how they built the pyramids

    give me the bag

  • F*** the knowledge I want to throw some bands at Magic City

  • plants

    gimme the knowledge I'm tryna see sumn

  • lol gimme the knowledge I'll just become the GOAT conspiracy theorist and shill some bullshit products like Alex Jones. 15M gonna make itself. Plus all my s*** will be big facts so I'm not even misleading people.

  • 15 milion will be mine,I really don't wanna know any of that,cause it could all be very dissapointing

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  • Pros of choosing $15 million dollars:

    Immediate financial gain: Choosing $15 million dollars would provide an immediate and substantial financial gain, which could be used to improve one's quality of life, invest in a business or education, or donate to a charitable cause.
    Security: Money provides a sense of financial security and stability, which can alleviate stress and worry about one's future financial situation.
    Access to resources: With $15 million dollars, one would have access to a variety of resources and opportunities that may not have been available before.

    Cons of choosing $15 million dollars:

    Limited impact: While $15 million dollars can have a significant impact on an individual's life, it may not have a significant impact on the world or address larger societal issues.
    Potential for greed: A large sum of money can also lead to greed and selfishness, which can negatively impact relationships and one's overall well-being.
    Sustainability: Depending on how the money is spent or invested, it may not be a sustainable source of financial security in the long term.

    Pros of choosing infinite knowledge of universe鈥檚 greatest mysteries:

    Advancement of knowledge: Having access to infinite knowledge of the universe's greatest mysteries could lead to significant advancements in science and technology, potentially benefiting humanity as a whole.
    Personal growth: Learning about the universe and its mysteries can lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of one's place in the world.
    Possibility of making a significant impact: The knowledge gained could be used to address larger societal issues and make a significant impact on the world.

    Cons of choosing infinite knowledge of universe鈥檚 greatest mysteries:

    Overwhelming: The sheer amount of knowledge could be overwhelming, potentially leading to stress and anxiety.
    Isolation: The knowledge gained may not be easily shared with others, leading to a sense of isolation or disconnection from society.
    Lack of practical application: While the knowledge gained may be fascinating, it may not have practical applications in everyday life or in addressing current societal issues.

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    you have failed us

  • 15 million
    maybe even 1

  • ngl in reality if i did have the choice it would be the knowledge

  • Cash for sure. Live comfortably and still have the motivation to learn

  • $15 Million idgaf

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    The knowledge: