• Keith coming back to grab his crown

    listen here -

    40 years in this b**** of recording music.

    it’s amazing how many artists still don’t say his name and listen to his albums religiously
    4th lp this year serpent- black elvis 2 and

    these two bangers…..

    rotary ennnnnngine rotarrrry engine this hook wtf

    world area

    king of nonlinear is back

    you can’t lose with artwork like this
    if you want to listen and you don’t have a streaming service

    i’ve done my job for tonight 😎

  • Nov 5, 2023

    he had a placement with this movie called divinity crazy movie ngl

  • Nov 5, 2023

    60 years old this year - still one of the funniest not even close

    no excuses -become a keith fan today 😎

  • y'all listen to Rahiem Supreme at all? he kinda reminds me of Keith a bit