• Albums aged wayyyy better than I ever thought it would

  • classic era
    classic album

  • movinq

    classic era
    classic album

  • Feb 14

    When i heard it in theaters i was left confused and didnt know what to feel i was still processing

    But soon after loved it listening to rips of it once it became obvious album wasnt dropping that night

    Then someone on ktt sent me a login to tidal on the day it dropped and damn what an experience

    The updates and leaks just made it even better

  • 10/10 same level of yeezus and dark fan IMO

  • safe

    You spelt bottom 3 wrong


  • Waves
    Saint Pablo

  • u have famed racist hulk hogan as ur avi i think i have better taste

  • Good era, Good album not his best though

  • Would have been another classic if he kept the original tracklist

  • a 10/10 classic that forever changed my life

  • top 3 solo kanye

  • Kr0niic

    I loved this album since day one man, and f*** it has aged so well.

    Album is full of f***ing CLASSICS.

    I will never forget the day 30 hours dropped, then NMPILA dropped holy s*** ye was SPAZZING.

    Share your guys favorite moments of TLOP itt. f*** i miss that era.


    my favourite moment was watching Vic Mensa play his song that was a "banger" and nobody was feeling it , then Thug saving the day with his track

  • four years
    where did the time go?

  • this album man. top 3 in his discography. lot of tracks that truly hit deep with me. i have a ton of nostalgia with this album because it was the one and only album i’ve seen kanye’s tour for but... just a special album. a defining work of his collection in my opinion.

  • i need this kanye back so badly it makes me cry
    but i am happy he has found peace

  • onetwo

    Good era, Good album not his best though

  • movinq

    classic era
    classic album

  • Feedback one of the most underrated songs ever made

  • Damn I remember the release like it was yesterday, How tf was that 4 years ago...

  • 30 hours 😩😩😩😩😩

  • TLOP is overhated
    I'd give it an 8 out of 10
    The final version of the album is really nice, but there is a bit too much filler

  • Also Waves is a top 5 Ye track
    When my dad died, I listened to it like 100 times a day
    Even when somebody go away, the feelings don't really go away

  • picking a best Kanye's album is like picking the greatest Ferrari. everyone has its own favorite

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