• Tyler1999

    What color you got

    i just picked up the french flag colored pair last week and now im f***ing obsessed i want to get the white palace colabs next, the soles feel so good it feels like im walking on maynards wine gums kinda lol just a perfect sneaker tbh

  • Sep 3

    wow took OP from me huh

  • Sep 3
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    @DaPark your new home...

  • Vox

    @DaPark your new home...

    Not even but iykyk type ting styll

  • Sep 12

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    Low-key warming up to the mainline ozweegos

    these Spezial's are my only pair of shoes in the past 6 months, woulda copped Sambas but it's suede for life, also none of them had black stripes (that i could find)

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