• im trying to get more into graphic design, just wondering is it worth learning illustrator? ion know anything about it rly, i use some photoshop but i cant draw for s*** so i assume illustrator isnt worth using. But then again, idk, maybe its useful even if i cant draw?

  • Why do you want to get into graphic design* would be my first question

  • Jan 24
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    Second question.

    Do you have any background in art or design?

  • Jan 24

    Second question.

    Do you have any background in art or design?

    I honestly just love making cool art, I use some of it for covers or avatars but not like professionally.

    I never had any professional training in visual art. I feel like illustrator might b useful tho for making paths/shapes, although I usually try to borrow paths from other images. But idk what illustrator can do rly besides just drawing s***

  • Trying to learn as well

  • Everyone that ever asked me to teach them how to do vector art I either told them

    if they seriously want to know, then either go to school for it, or just hire someone else to make your designs lol, s*** too time consuming

  • There are alot of tutorials you can find online, but i think having a background in art helps alot in terms of your creativity and what you will create.

  • Illustrator is used mainly for creating vector art.

    I use it to design logos for companies(for websites, business cards, billboards, etc) and create designs for clothing lines.