• Major Briggs

    Can't wait to see this. But does anyone know the song from the trailer? "Sometimes I know I'll make it with you by my side"

    I am watching it now and had to look for the song. So glad you asked (although that was back in November. Lol). Such a beautiful song. I am still watching. Such a good movie. Tearing up.

  • Mar 19

    Oh to be hugged and kissed by FKA twigs

  • Mar 20

    great film, big ups to Shia for delivering an emotional performance. Noah was amazing, definitely will rewatch

  • Just saw that this is finally on prime video

    Really wonna watch this

  • Amazing movie

  • f*** me what a film

    ily shia


    Amazing movie

    Amazon movie *

  • CKL Johnkuro

    been thinking about this movie alot. this s*** hit me ngl. excellent movie

  • Campari

    Those night time shots were breath taking

  • Loved it

  • Shia’s dad jokes >>

  • Sep 26

    Just watched, that was sad

  • Sep 26

    Oh to be hugged and kissed by FKA twigs

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