• Fantasy

    Tired of the weird extreme Drake hate like the this

    And what’s up with all the Drake d***riding here lately?

    Is it just the lack of Kanye fans on here since the Nazi incident that y’all be sucking on everything Drake does?

    Especially when Drake has dropped mid after mid for the better half of a decade?

    I mean...Nazi stuff aside, Kanye's been hit or miss since TLOP himself.

    Drake dropped 2 projects better than Kanye's within the same year in 2022. That's never happened before.

    As of 2023, Drake is more promising than Kanye. If Kanye actually tries with the official drop of Donda 2 though instead of dropping the unfinished garbage he did last year, I'll change my mind.

  • I’m convinced ppl are mad that ppl didn’t cancel drake for that meg line, as corny as I thought that line is you have to be dumb to think drake was gonna be cancelled over it it’s DRAKE also I think it’s the realization that outside of Twitter drake is very much loved you know how stan Twitter they stay saying how he’s “local” basically only famous in the US

  • William Rondo

    Why is rkelly being brought up could just be about weird s*** about how he deals with women

    Nah they clearly referring to that MBB s*** which was dumb on drake part for even messaging her knowing how it would look optics wise lol but there’s no evidence to support this “grooming” narrative at all

  • Jan 25
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    success bothers unremarkable people

  • WRF

    success bothers unremarkable people

    nerds on the net hate nothing more than black superstars that have a broad appeal

    black person that can be in the mix with black as well as white people always exposed insecurity of people that for whatever reason are stuck with a limited social circle

    drake is too outside and present for them, they want him to "shut up and dribble" which is why niggas like cole or kendrick will always be preferred because they just are just regarded as rappers in the public and not much else

  • This actually perfectly describes Taylor Swift