• Let’s see what you got

  • Jan 14


  • This a wet thread aye aye
    flippa tha drippa and aquatic they aye aye
    postin w dolphins
    postin w seals
    I believe I can fly but I'm a seagull aye aye

  • Rifles up Malcolm X
    One eye on my foes get em wrecked
    Dap get nuff respect
    Pay your hoes whole rent!

  • Jan 14

    diamonds on me yea they semi aquatic
    got so much drip stacked in my closet
    just thankful for what i was bestowed
    niggas just do as they told but me
    i work for what i am owed

  • That cross heavy on my back like
    Demons on my shoulders
    They some boulders,
    Not some itsy bitsie figurines
    You seen up off the tv screen
    When you was just a little teen

  • Jan 14

    I know I am what you not, nope
    Rep my city like pop smoke
    Play the b**** like a console
    These verses came from that pot smoke
    My hair thinning like a bar a soap
    Least my bars dope
    Yo s*** sound like false hope
    I’m artistic like Picasso
    I just spit s*** from tonsils
    But I been lost those

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