• Just got an OLED and im looking into jailbreaking. I know its hard to do compared to gen 1’s, but i’ve seen DammitJeff’s video and a couple forums about modchips and soldering

    Is it worth it? Should I just get a Steamdeck?

  • I jailbroke my switch and it's the best decision i'v ever made.

  • Nov 21

    they're alright but don't buy a switch just to jailbreak it. switch emulation is A1, i played tears of the kingdom like 11 days before it came out on my steam deck via Ryujinx. if you already have one yeah it's definitely worth jailbreaking.

    all in all unless you're down to potentially brick the switch, or if you find tinkering fun return it and get a deck. The new OLED decks just came out and the old ones have been permanently discounted. literally no reason to get a switch anymore especially considering the hardware is garbage, literally the equivalent of a 2014 android tablet. also f*** Nintendo in general they suck now