• Dec 13, 2023

    Some interesting takeaways for me is that the EU seemed to force this change, similar to Apple adopting USB for iPhones, and that the encryption is not end-to-end but instead encrypted "in transit"

  • Sab City 🧔🏻
    Dec 13, 2023

    the change is better for consumers and will also allow americans to move away from iMessage

  • Jan 22
    1 reply

    Omg I can finally get a Pixel again

  • Jan 26

    Man if only more EU standards could become global. Those folks actually know how to follow logic.

    EU Chads are the only reason Apple isn't able to put their fist all the way up our ass

    Ik Apple lobbyists and the like are over here fuming trying to figure out how they can influence EU law the same way they do the US

  • Young D

    Omg I can finally get a Pixel again


  • Hopefully we can still see who’s a Android user keep that green on em

  • But are iPhones losing its creditability?