• Anyone have em I am contemplating to cop em.

  • Hell no

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    Jan 5
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    i have them and if you're asking this, no

    if you don't care about the price they're ok

  • I dont have them but ive used them a few times and theyre sick

    Probably overpriced but if that doesnt bother you then cop

  • Jan 5

    i have them and if you're asking this, no

    if you don't care about the price they're ok

    What makes u not like them

  • Only good if you want to look rich

  • i have them and i love them but theyre definitely not worth $550 lol. only reason i copped them is cuz im in too deep in the apple ecosystem. the noise cancelling/transparency modes and the audio quality are amazing + the seamlessness with my other devices is super convenient but yea they shouldn't cost more than like $350-400.

  • Fantasy ♥️
    Jan 5

    I don’t think so

    they are better than the AirPod Pros, but there’s diminishing returns

    Not worth 2x the Pros’ @ $500

    Maybe worth $350

    Source: owner

  • I have them and use them daily
    There is absolutely no justification for the price

  • They're great for noise cancellation, and when using on calls. The sound is okay, but that's the case for most Bluetooth headphones. They sound better than the Sony XM4 joints though. I had $300 credit with Apple when I got them, so I'm cool with them for what I ended up paying out-of-pocket.

  • nah. they just a over head airpods pro

  • finally copped them

    was wondering why the sound was meh

    realized i had mono on the whole time

    THESE S***S ARE FIRE !!!

  • Get em on sale, at $350-$400 they’re easily the best headphones I’ve ever used

  • No but they’re the best headphones in the market

  • I’m an Apple Stan and no, they’re not

  • Love mine

    Worth every penny tbh

  • Jul 22

    they look nice but i currently have bose qc45 so not worth getting atm

  • Semi 🐬
    Jul 22

    Saw Clairo wearing em so maybe