• last night my laptop refused to connect, so i tried cleaning out the case, restarting my phone, turning off my bluetooth, reset iphone network settings, couple other things. case refuses to factory reset; holding the button down just has it flash white for a minute, then green for a second, then back to blinking white again

    went to bed with the case open and airpods out of the case to see if that'd do anything, no dice. in fact when trying to pair right after i woke up this morning it said the pods/case were both at 100% charge, so idk. i know it can connect to some extent because i can hear it playing music from the case if i connect to it while they're docked, but then it f***s up again the moment i try taking it out the case

    so yeah. not sure if ktt2 has anything to try but figured i'd ask. thanks for reading

  • Apr 16
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    restart your laptop bro

  • maxx

    restart your laptop bro

    think that was like the first thing i tried lol

    since it was playing audio in the case i connected it to my laptop and left my place with it playing music on em, hopefully it kills the battery and that fixes something we’ll see

  • nope! my phone is still telling me the case and pods are both at 100% despite not charging since yesterday

    s*** is so f***ing tight

  • are they HUH

  • Try putting them in the case then put a charger in the case, then try connecting to them. That’s how i use mine nowadays, my case got busted even though it says 100% it won’t charge the airpods

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