• Mar 11

    I got a projector set up and I want to basically do as much as I can with it without connecting it with a hdmi cable.

    I saw the Apple TV stick is at 160 and Amazon at 60. I’m assuming they would give me access to all streaming apps.

    What’s the best one ? Any other ones worth it ? Is there any one that can stream a complete screen from a MacBook without delays ?

    I got an all apple set up. But from what it sounds like 160 isn’t worth it for Apple TV.

  • Apple TV easily

  • Mar 29

    Apple TV is really nice

    I'd say buy a Google TV or Roku if you're trying to go cheap

    otherwise I'd go Nvidia Shield or Apple TV

    I find Amazon fire sticks OS is way slower and has more issues, never had issues with the other 4 I've mentioned

  • To upgrade your projector into a smart TV, look into gadgets like Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku Streaming Stick. They're easy to set up—just plug them into your projector and start streaming from your favorite apps! Take your movie nights or binge-watching sessions to the next level without breaking the bank.