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    4 out of 5 people? EPA , we don’t need any more chems in our food

    Trump? Of course

    Brb going to the chlormequat lab to throw hands

    This can’t stand, I’m gonna hit mr/mrs chemical factory with a hay maker & then a Tyson uppercut studies show 5 out of 5 people get ktfo 😒

    Source EWG site -

    “First-in-the-U.S. study looked for the presence of chlormequat in humans.
    Federal rules allow the chemical’s use on oats and other grains imported to the U.S.
    Animal studies link chlormequat to reproductive and developmental problems, creating questions about its impact on humans.
    A new EWG peer-reviewed study has found chlormequat, a little-known pesticide, in four out of five, or 80 percent, of people tested. The groundbreaking a***ysis of chlormequat in the bodies of people in the U.S. rings alarm bells, because the chemical is linked to reproductive and developmental problems in animal studies, suggesting the potential for similar harm to humans.

    EWG’s research, published February 15 in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, tested for the presence of chlormequat in urine collected from 96 people between 2017 and 2023. The chemical was found in the urine of 77 of them.

    Our tests found higher levels and more frequent detections of chlormequat in the 2023 samples, compared to those from 2017 through 2022, which suggests consumer exposure to chlormequat could be on the rise.

    Just as troubling, we detected the chemical in 92 percent of oat-based foods purchased in May 2023, including Quaker Oats and Cheerios. The fact that so many people are exposed raises concerns about its potential impact on public health, since animal studies link chlormequat to reduced fertility, harm to the reproductive system and altered fetal growth.

    Environmental Protection Agency regulations allow the chemical to be used on ornamental plants only – not food crops – grown in the U.S. But its use is permitted on imported oats and other foods sold here. Many oats and oat products consumed in the U.S. come from Canada.

    Chlormequat was not allowed on oats sold in the U.S. before 2018, when the Trump EPA gave first-time approval for some amount of the chemical on imported oats. The same administration in 2020 increased the allowable level. These regulatory changes might help explain why we’re seeing more frequent, higher detections of the chemical in Americans tested.

    In April 2023, in response to a 2019 application submitted by chlormequat manufacturer Taminco, the Biden EPA proposed allowing the first-ever use of chlormequat on barley, oat, triticale and wheat grown in the U.S. EWG opposes the plan. “

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    Feb 16

    as time goes on i find myself more convinced i should eat more organic especially like oats n similar things that are often sprayed with s*** closer to harvest so u get the maximum pesticides n s***

  • Man wht do we do

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    Does this affect my instant oats

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    Wait I just read the post man what

  • These billion dollar companies not only wanna take our money and keep us poor, but they wanna kill us when they’re finished