• Kr0niic ☘️
    Updated Apr 1

    From the makers of celeste comes a Metroidvania.

    This the next good metroidvania 2 years out pain..... but i trust these guys with my life! im sure this will be amazing.

  • Kr0niic ☘️
    Dec 9, 2022

    Lena Raine also doing the music

  • Dec 9, 2022

    Watching The Game Awards rn and am at the part where they just announced this

    Celeste is one of my favorite games of all time and a f***in masterpiece

    In af for anything from the creators of that game

    This looks great

    Can’t wait to see more of this

  • in

  • Dec 9, 2022

    Earthblade is a hard ass title, in

  • Sep 3, 2023

    need this right away

  • Sep 4, 2023


  • Mar 28
    2 replies

    Maddy delayed the game to 2025

  • Kr0niic ☘️
    Apr 1
    Shin Chan

    Maddy delayed the game to 2025


  • Shin Chan

    Maddy delayed the game to 2025

    Seems like an indefinite delay, it doesn’t say anything about 2025 even it may be sad, but I hope they take their time with it until they’re happy and don’t feel rushed.

  • Apr 1

    this and silksong L's in the metroidvania community