• i’ve been into fashion quite a lot for a while. started when i was like 16 wearing layers and skinny jeans. past 2 years i’ve been wearing baggy pants, vintage knitwear, puffers and new balances or air max 95s in winter, straight pants, wife pleasers, camp collar shirts in summer. also got a nice vintage leather jacket

    i haven’t bought any new clothes in a while cause i’m broke but that’s soon to change- so what should i look into. i like all the archive fashion but i don’t have the money and i don’t think it suits my character

    aesthetically i like old bladee and yung lean outfits, the way Yachty dresses, some of Tyler’s wardrobe. also love mediterranean aesthetics if that’s of any help

    basically curate my next vibe for me

  • proper 🔩
    Sep 17

  • Sep 17

    What are Mediterranean aesthetics to you @op

  • Gives us some fits to work with.

  • Jean jacket with the sleeves cut

  • Tell all this to an employee at Urban Outfitters op(damn,is Urban Outfitters still a thing lol?)

  • Sep 18

    Vintage nautica