• Nov 18

    I posted my first song on Creative right after my birthday a couple of months ago.. and I have been dropping music ever since. I was gonna quit making music so many times especially when I was suffering from depression or losing hope but something just kept me going.
    Fast forward to today.. It's a weird feeling.. but now I have an actual fanbase of supporters who genuinely f*** with my music and it's a feeling that is hard to describe in words..

    I've dropped multiple songs (independently) since my first post on ktt2 and it has done pretty well in terms of people who listen to it.. and I actually dropped a new song today.

    To every artists in here(Creative) reading this:
    Just keep on going... you never know.. you might be 1 or 2 steps away from drastically changing your life with this music s***. Keep experimenting and find your own sound that makes you stand out.
    Don't give up..

    Check it out here:

  • Your sound is dope bro

  • Nov 20

    Your sound is dope bro

    thank u bro

  • This is super dope! Would love to work with u

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