• Updated Sep 17
    Was told that it's "excellent and very marketable" from my manager.
    Needs a final master

    That^^ song is a single to build hype for contemporary buzz.
    Admittedly I’m copying Ye’s blueprint , I need people ready to work, compensation/royalties credits everything I have management and more.

    What is a sound that’s never been heard before? This album is the answerZ
    Writing, coproducing, everything

  • Sep 7
  • Sep 8
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    Definitely needs mixing, when you start actually rapping it's actually really catchy.

    Some of the lines are funny too

    She chew it up like some gum, Wrigley


  • Sep 8

    Beat wavey

  • Sep 10

  • Sep 16

    new outro leak reference, I'm shooting for the greatest creative sxn album and more. join the team

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